The inspiring story of AMY ANGEL GOES HOME is a must for all adoptive families who know that every child is a gift of love and a gift from God.

AMY ANGEL GOES HOME tells a story that is invaluable for parents seeking to explain the spiritual aspects of adaption. “Why was I adopted?” a child asks. When Kathleen Lathrop’s son posed that very question, she knew the answer: “Because God wanted you to be exactly who you are and he wanted us to be your parents.” This eloquent response explaining adoption as the perfection of God’s plan is illustrated throughout her touching story.

         Amy Angel and Charlie Cherub are in the waiting-to-be-born heaven.  They must learn the baby ways and earn their stars so they can be born. Each time a new lesson is accomplished, TWIZZLE-TWINK! A shooting star lands on their halo.

         When Great Guardian Angel recites a chant, Amy Angel’s future parents are revealed to her through the clouds. Amy immediately sees the Light of Love in their hearts and feels the tingle of her love for them begin to grow. Charlie’s parents are revealed also. He sees the Light of Love and also the Glow of life that is the babypart of himself waiting to be born. Amy s concerned that her mother does not have the Glow but is comforted when the Great Guardian Angel reveals another woman:

“With Love so Dear,
To do God’s will
For Amy here.”

Amy is happy to find that God has chosen  a special messenger to deliver her  to her parents.